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SIMAG TVESTC, Inc. in partnership with ASSISI Development Foundation, Inc.

SIMAG TVESTC, Inc. conducted Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC l on July 12, 2021 to August 19, 2021 with 25 Out of School Youth participants in partnership with ASSISI Development Foundation, Inc.

Organic Agriculture Production (OAP) NCII under UAQTEA, PESFA and TWSP



Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NCII under UAQTEA Scholarship

Health, Sanitation and Well-Being Program

This program aims to increase people awareness and improve basic service reach and delivery on proper hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, maternal and child health care, lifestyle diseases, terminal sicknesses, responsible parenthood and early child development.

Education and Scholarship Program

This program aims to provide educational assistance to the deserving students for them to continue attending school and to reduce schools drop-outs and child labor.

Ecological Enhancement and Protection Program

This program aims to help the local government in preserving the natural environment and facilitate awareness and understanding of the communities of the link between environment and development.

Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Program

This program aims to assist the communities with self-help skills in order to alleviate their living conditions. SIMAG seeks itself as an agent of change.


Professionalizing Grassroot's Organizations

Assist each SIMAG beneficiary in maximizing his/her full potential by providing professional opportunities and services.


Advancing to the 21st Century

Serve as catalyst in transforming a home in sugarcane farm to a prosperous household in a progressive community.


Message from our President

“Love is sweeter the second time around!”

I return to SIMAG after my 6 years stint with government. I am happy to have to bring with me a bundle of experiences and learning which I hope to impart with our SIMAG communities.

I am ever grateful to my predecessors, and past board members for their untiring support to our "pamilya".

I look forward to the coming years with all the challenges besetting the sugar industry. We are confident with our new Board, President - yours truly, Treasurer - Luis Gerardo Garcia, Secretary - John Alexander Gayoso, Members - Thomas Ledesma and Rufino Oscar Sabino, who seek your continued support and assistance for a Better Tomorrow. God Bless!


Maria Regina B. Martin



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