Education and Scholarship Program

Educational Assistance Program (EDAP)

The Educational Assistance Program (EDAP) continues to be relevant to the sugarcane workers parallel to the government education subsidy. SIMAG will continue its effort in fund sourcing to accommodate more student applicants.

For this year, we have increased our grantees/scholars thru the aid of our partners, the Asociacion de Hacenderos de Silay Saravia, Inc., Hawaiian Philippine Company, Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc., TESDA, Parents, ASMAE and the Department of Labor and Employment.



Educational Level Nos. of Grantees/Scholars Financial Assistance
Elementary 60 25,256.70
High School 51 110,680.00
College 15 258,757.50
Adult Education – La Consolacion College 1 53,000.00
Vocational 111 834,500.00
Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) 231 970,500.00
Total 469 2,252,694.00