Livelihood and Entrepreneurship

Seminars and Workshops on Entrepreneurship

SIMAG Livelihood Program Coordinator conducted seminars and workshops on Entrepreneurship using the simplified Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) training module, translated into the local dialect. The seminar were conducted in 28 hacienda communities who have livelihood projects.

In Hacienda San Jose, the women’s group generated Php 75,322.00 net income from their Pork Vending Project. The net income were divided among its 16 members. In Hacienda Cudangdang, individual vendors earned the additional income of at least Php 200.00 a day from their “Kakanin Project,” Hacienda Sta. Teresa earned an income of Php 5,000.00 to Php 8,000.00 every two months from their individual “Cash Crop Projects” such as sweet corn, ampalaya, eggplant, etc. These are the few projects implemented at the different hacienda communities to augment family income.

The Center of Community Transformation (CCT) continue to give loan assistance to the sugarcane worker groups for livelihood activities with the weekly fellowship of the members.