Children Rights Project

Children Rights Project Sustainability – Part 1

After 12 years, SIMAG is continuously exploring and implementing activities that will sustain the “Children Rights Project” as this will officially end on March 2018. Although sustainability plans have been incorporated to every component of the project, SIMAG is still involved to “Project” because of the continuous increase of children population in the hacienda communities.

SIMAG designed and produced Manual of Operations for Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) which was launched last January 2017 in Silay City. Copies were distributed to the 16 barangays of Silay City and 23 barangays of the Municipality of E. B. Magalona. Their partner agencies such as the Mayor’s Office, City Health Office, and Local Government Units were also provided with the copy of the said manual.

As the Silay City Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC) has a new set of members, the council conducted its regular monthly meeting in which SIMAG is one of its active members. The BCPC Manual of Operations was presented and discussed to the LCPC by SIMAG consultant Mr. Julio “Nonoy” Labayen III. The council approved and passed a resolution for adaptation. Prior to the organization of the BCPC in all barangays of Silay City, a seminar/workshop was conducted to every barangay using the SIMAG BCPC Manual of Operations as the resource materials.